Thursday, March 20, 2008

Simply Thai and Urban Fare

Yeah it's a long weekend! Tonight, Jas and I decided to head out for dinner cos she felt like Asian. We decided to grab Thai food in Yaletown cos there really isn't anything in downtown and I did not want to eat at Tropika. I just had lunch at Tropika with Jen and Rae, Jen's last lunch with us. Plus I am not a huge fan of Tropika, chinese food disguised as malay. Simply Thai in Yaletown is where I made reservations at and it's a new Thai place since neither of us have ever been. Before heading over to the restaurant, we headed over to Beautymark to check out beauty supplies. It's quite a nice store with a lot of different brands that are not carried anywhere else. It's weird how Jas wanted to check out Beautymark cos I wanted to check it out too! I had just received an email from them about an item I was interested in. Bliss is a spa line from New York which carries spa products and an item I am very interested in is called Bliss Naked Body Butter and gosh, I didn't realize it was so expensive! I didn't pick it up since I have so many body lotions left from Bath & Bodyworks. Our reservations were at 6.30 but we were arrived at 6.00 and it wasn't super busy so we were seated right by the window. The dinner was pretty good but a little bit pricey for me since I knew I could get really great Thai food for a better price and larger portions. After dinner, we walked over to Urban Fare cos we felt like Cupcakes but Denman was way too far for us to go just for a cupcake or two. We couldn't believe our luck when we noticed Cupcakes were available at Urban Fare! Although we noticed these cupcakes are not as perfect as the ones at the store, it helped our craving! While waiting in line to pay for our dessert (I picked up two cupcakes and a lava cake from the bakery), I noticed that there were Christian Lacroix Evian water bottles available and on sale! $7.99 to $3.49! What a great price, I had to pick up one for myself! I wanted to buy a couple more but I was taking the train home and didn't want to carry all those bottles. Late last year, I had read in one of my fashion magazines about how Christian Lacroix had designed a bottle for Evian but didn't think it was available in our area. Maybe I'll head back over there to pick up a few more! Great housewarming gifts, non? At the checkout, the cashier didn't see the sku for my cupcakes cos it got rubbed off while I was carrying it around the store (the girl at the bakery wrote the sku on the plastic window of the cupcake box) so the cashier had to guess the prices and he rang it through as $1.99 a cupcake but it is actually $2.99 a cupcake! Hehehe, I get the BEST deals ever! After we paid for our grocery items, we sat outside to enjoy our cupcakes, it was a bit chilly as it was getting dark but we were craving sweets!! All worth it, mmmmm....cupcakes. After our cupcakes, we decided to call it a night and headed towards the skytrain. Jas decided to go over to Safeway at Broadway station to pick up some fruits and veggies and I headed home. After a few hours, I couldn't help myself and ate half of the lava cake, blah! It was gross!! Never again, will I pick up a lava cake from the bakery! But I know I'll be paying for all this sugar, I bet I won't be able to sleep until really really late!

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