Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pizza Pizza!



Tonight, Kay and I felt like pizza pizza! I decided to make a pesto chicken yellow pepper pizza. Mmmm... it was pretty yummy except that we burnt the crust cos I don't think I added enough olive oil around the dough when baking it the first time. Also, I made it a lot thinner than usual or maybe I didn't add enough flour? Although, we couldn't eat the crust, the rest of the pizza was pretty delish! I googled "freezing pizza dough" and have decided I will have to try freezing it so we can have it during the work week! Enjoy the photos!

PS. What is the order of the toppings? How do you do it?!?! Kay and I disagreed on when the cheese goes on! Her way: pesto sauce, cheese, chicken, skip the peppers (as you can see she lost this one!), cheese. My way: pesto sauce, chicken, pile on the peppers, cheese! Who's right?!?!


Joss said...

I worked at a pizza joint may years ago :) Cheese went on last. Sorry Kay :(

psychorich said...

Sauce -> cheese -> chicken -> cheese -> peppers -> cheese. Finally, a dash of parmesan cheese before serving.