Monday, March 24, 2008


What a workout I had tonight! I wanted to only do 30 mins of cardio and that was it but Jess made me continue the workout with 4 reps of 25 squats and 15 minutes of weights for my arms! I am soooo tired!! We had a really light dinner, 2 rolls of sushi, a bit of fresh strawberries and a small piece of my pineapple cake. Jess is so silly! She realized as soon as we walked through the door of her condo that she had parked her car at Patterson skytrain! Oops! That was pretty funny! She texted Billy to come by and pick us up so she could drive me home and pick up the car. Just the other day, we were laughing at Rhoda for leaving her car keys at the office right before the stop that we had to get off to pick up her car!! How can you tell those two are related :) Funny girls! Since it was only the two of us, we decided to work out upstairs instead of the gym. Working on her machine in her 2nd bedroom was pretty intense, the machine is not as smooth so you are using more strength and the room is small so I was sweating pretty badly! 30 minutes on that machine is like 1 hour downstairs in the gym! It was a good workout though and nice to spend some time with Jess, she's like my little sis :)

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