Thursday, April 03, 2008

Pin Up Moms Unleashed!

A friend of mine (Kat Laflamme) had an art exhibit launch of her newest work, Pin Up Moms. Jas and I decided to hit the Drive for some dinner before heading over to the opening. Since, it was a really nice and warm evening, we decided to meet at the train station and walk up the Drive. There are so many restaurants to choose from but we decided to stop in at Red Burrito on 1st Avenue to try out their menu. This place is always packed and I've heard good reviews on it. Boy was it ever delish! Truly Mexican as I could tell and the price is right for the amount you get, there is so much food packed into the one burrito! Yum yum! After the quick meal, we headed over to Libra Room which I didn't realize is a martini lounge with live jazz band after 8pm. We arrived around 6:30ish and decided to have a drink before heading home. The martini menu is so cute! They had a Pin Up Moms theme on the menus, very cute and I ordered a Leo (I am a Leo) and the ingredients were red alize, peach schnapps and lime. Also, a Leo is exuberant, colourful, proud, and vivacious which sounds exactly like me :) It was so yummy! Jas had a glass of the house red. After our drinks, we decided it was time to call it a night since we both had long day and it was a work night.

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