Saturday, April 12, 2008

Granville Island and so much more!

Today was a great day to be outside! The weather was so warm and sunny, as high as 17 degrees in some areas! Vancouver has been pretty crazy with the weather, one week it feels like spring and the next week, it's fall with rain, hailstorms and low temperatures. But lucky for Val and I, it was finally a really warm and sunny spring day and we wanted to take Tracy (who's here from Nova Scotia, she's working with us for two months) to Granville Island. She's here for only a couple more weekends and we wanted to make sure she got all the tourist sites before she headed home. We met downtown at Tracy's apartment around 1:30pm and we walked down Hornby street to catch the aqua bus to Granville Island. It was a long but really nice walk with so much to see, we got to know a little more about Tracy cos it's kind of hard to get to know someone at work. Esp her job, she's super busy with documents! The aqua bus was quite a treat and thankfully, we were only on the water for a couple of minutes, I am terrified of the water and boats! We decided to have lunch at Sandbar and boy was it ever super yummy! I had ordered fish and chips, the fish was snapper, yum yum! The batter was light and the coleslaw and fries very refreshing! I also had it with a nice Rose wine, mmm....what a treat! We did a bit of walking all over the island and I ended up picking up a really cute top (on sale 50% off) for $21.50! After all the walking we did, it was time for some gelato (well I skipped the gelato since I had a very rich mocha before they hit the gelato stand). What a gret day for Gelato! Surprisingly, it was still quite warm on the island even though we were so close to the water. We expected the temperatures to drop a bit but it was still quite warm, inland was 17 degrees but it could have been warmer, it was so nice!! After the gelato, it was time to head back cos Val and I had dinner plans that evening. I was meeting up with Jas and we were going to catch a movie after dinner. She likes coming over for dinner which is really nice cos I like cooking for people and she always seems to enjoy any meal I make even when I throw it together last minute! There wasn't any good movies playing at the theatre so we decided to skip the movie and go for dessert instead. We wanted to try that new chocolate dessert place on Denman street called Koko Chocolate Creations which is located beside Cupcakes which by the way moved a block down the street, closer to the beach. We decided to take the train to Granville and walk down to the dessert place, gosh so much walking today! It was def worth the walk and the wait but I think I ate way too much chocolate! The night before, I had a lava cake at Joeys with Rhoda and boy did I feel a bit sick after the lava cake (and the side of french fries with it, sweet and salty!). But that doesn't stop me from having more dessert! After our dessert, we decided it was best to bus it back to the train station as we were all too full to walk back. We decided to take the Davie street bus instead of the Robson bus cos we knew it would take us twice as long to get there cos of all the traffic on Denman and Robson. It was a great day and night! Enjoy the photos, more photos on my flickr!

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