Friday, April 18, 2008

Shopping and Dinner

Tonight, I headed out with Rhoda and Jas for a bit of $2 (Daiso) shopping and dinner at a new Singaporean restaurant in Richmond. We decided to hit Richmond Centre first before Daiso or dinner cos those two weren't quite hungry yet and I wanted to go to Richmond Centre to pick something up. There is a cute brown capped sleeve jacket at Costa Blanca at a pretty reasonable price. I saw it a few weeks ago and was debating on whether I should buy it or not. I decided to pick it up cos I have a few items in my closet that would work with it and I have a pair of brown shoes to match the jacket! Lucky for me, it went on sale and I got an additional $5.00 off! It's already a pretty good price but hey, I'll never say no to a discounted item esp if it's something I've been eyeing for a while. I almost bought a 3/4 length black linen jacket but decided against it cos the jacket was 90% linen and 10% cotton which means it will wrinkle really easy! I hate wrinkles in my clothing! After walking around in the mall, we decided to head over to Daiso, I had a list of items that I needed but didn't find all of the items I wanted and ended up picking up extra items that I could use but didn't really need! I love that store, there is so many cute items in there! I think I drove Rhoda a bit crazy cos she could not put up with my browsing and taking my time to look at all the items in the store. The store has 2 floors and Daiso stocks so many cute items from housewares to food items. I think she got a little bit stressed from the 15 minutes she thought it would take to about an hour or so. After Daiso, we were all getting very hungry and decided to head over to the new Singaporean restaurant on No. 3 Road called Kelong. I had seen some pretty good reviews online and it was mentioned that this is truly Singaporean cuisine. I love trying to South Asian restaurants cos I am always trying to find a true to taste and authentic one! It was pretty good and reasonably priced. We choose 3 main dishes with an appetizer and it only came up to $15 each. It def tasted like homestyle Singaporean cuisine! After dinner, it was getting late and we decided it was time to head home. Wow, what a sight! It was snowing!! We could not believe it, it was a snow storm!!! It was also super cold and it felt like winter, snow and winter weather at the end of April? Can't believe it! What strange weather we are having in Vancouver!

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