Saturday, April 19, 2008


Today, I had lunch plans with some old highschool girlfriends whom I haven't seen since highschool! We all found each other on facebook and one of the ladies was in town visiting relatives so last month, she sent out a message to some of us and wanted to know if any of us would be interested in meeting for lunch for a mini reunion. We had messaged each other back and forth for a month or so and it seemed that it was tentative with everyone except one of the girls. I really wanted to see her and so I decided to take a chance to see if anyone would be there. Curry King on Kingsway is not the best place for little ones but I think it was somewhat in the middle for everyone and Curry King is right on the main road, Kingsway and easy to spot. When I arrived, Densie and Victoria were there with their little ones, gosh, how much has changed even though I thought they both look the same from highschool! It was so great to see them and I'm so glad I came out. Victoria could not stay too long cos it was nap time for her little girl plus her husband was waiting for her. She stayed a bit to chat and before she left, we all agreed to do this again the next time (hopefully, the weather will be nicer) and we should all meet somewhere like a park so the kids could run around while the adults caught up on each other. Perfect! Denise and I stayed to have lunch and catch up. Her little man is so handsome and her baby girl is so beautiful! Looks just like her mama! It was so great to catch up and we are going to try to do this again, we have been trying to meet up for the longest time since we found each other but as life gets busy (esp when you got two little ones) we never got the chance. It was such a lovely lunch and I'm so glad I got the chance to catch up with Denise. Enjoy more photos on my flickr account!

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