Sunday, April 20, 2008

Trout Lake Park

After dim sum, we headed home and while mom ran her errands, I managed to do a little bit of housework. It was a really nice sunny day (although it was hot and cold!) to be outside. Rhoda sent me a text earlier in the afternoon to see if I was interested in taking the dogs out for a walk, she had to run some errands first and would drop by right after. I thought that was a great idea and Trout Lake Park isn't that far from where we live. The walk is not too far or long and if Ari gets tired (which I know he can get pretty tired easily), I could just carry him home :) She arrived a little after 4pm and we went for our walk, I never realized how dog friend Trout Lake is! There is an off leash area and a leashed area on either side of the lake. Although, the park wasn't well kept probably due to all the dogs and dogwalkers, it was still a really nice park to take our little boys to. They quite enjoyed the walk and both were ready to pass out when we got home! Rhoda stayed for dinner and we went upstairs to eat cos mom and grandma had made dinner for us. Of course, we brought our own brown rice cos we don't eat white rice well we actually limit our white carb intake. I wasn't really that hungry at dinner cos we had so much at dim sum but everything on the dinner table was yummy and all our fave dishes! It was a great day with family and BFFs :)

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