Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Shoe Sale!!!

It's amazing what shoes can do to a woman.... every morning, it's really tough to get up when my alarm rings at 6.30am esp on the late nights like not getting to bed on time or staying up to watch a TV show or trying to prepare for the next day. But this morning, I got up at 5.30am on the dot with no problem even though I went to bed late the night before. This morning, I had to be out the door and at the train station by 6.30am cos Rhoda and Jess were invited to a pre-sale (before opened to the public) at the Army & Navy yearly designer shoe sale! How could I pass this invite up? The pre-sale was at 7.00am and we had to go through the back alley cos the store manager did not want us to be mugged by the hundreds of women in the line up. The store opens to the public at 8.00am so it was such a treat to be one of the very few inside the store an hour earlier to pick out your shoes. Wow, there were so many shoes and it seemed that an hour would not be enough time! Yesterday, I downloaded the pdf advertisement so I got a look at the shoes that were going to be there and I def knew what styles of shoes I was looking for. The one thing I couldn't find (in my size) were the evening sparkly sandals. It's really a hit and miss when it comes to this shoe sale, seemed to be no evening sandals in my size but tons of cute ones in the smaller sizes. I started off with probably 30 pairs of shoes in my basket and it came down to six pairs but I decided to let two go cos they were over my $39.99 budget per shoe. The Naughty Monkeys were so funky and would have been great with dark denim, also those Italian made flats with the gold would be perfect too but I knew the Steve Maddens would go better with my career wardrobe and those were the colours I wanted for this season. At the very last minute (as I was checking out and paying for my shoes), I found the SM open toes in Teal on the bottom shoe shelf in my size!! What luck! I had gone through my section quite a number of times and didn't find them but the staff continues to place shoes on the shelf as shoes get bought or picked out. We are thinking about heading back next week some time to see what else they will have. Plus Kay wants me to pick up a pair of cute flats for her cos her two pairs are falling apart! Only if they are $19.99, I will buy them for her. She's got so many pairs of shoes! It was def a treat and love those two for inviting me, thank you so much girls! Check out Trishaopholic for my new shoes :)

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