Friday, February 23, 2007

Vancouver Art Gallery

Today, we headed over to the Vancouver Art Gallery to check out Fred Herzog's Vancouver Photographs. It was a very interesting exhibition and to see what the city of Vancouver looked like in the 50s and 60s is quite a treat. I recommend everyone should go and check out this exhibition. It is a good idea to expose Kay to more culture and I think one of these days, I will have to take Kay to the art gallery. It would be good for her to take in a little more culture and to know there are other interesting things to do besides sitting on the computer all day/night! We finished the art gallery sooner than we anticipated so we lunched at Kitto Japanese Restaurant on Granville. The restaurant was pretty packed even though the lunch rush was over. We had a quick bite and with a little time to spare before my 3.30 division meeting at the office (yes I am on vacation but am a very dedicated employee and it's good to know what is going on with the changes in our division), we headed over to The Bay at Pacific Centre to look for black tights for myself and shoes for HonHon. I didn't end up buying any tights because I could not justify spending over $20 on black tights! But I did find some shoes for myself and HonHon! Jessica Simpson shoes are available at The Bay and the onesI picked up were part of her new collection. Very cute, the heel being the very best part! Although I honestly didn't think I could get into these and they did not look too comfortable, I was a little shocked to find these shoes in fact did fit my feet and bonus, did not cut the blood circulation. I have a huge shoe problem. After shopping, I headed over to the office for the meeting while HonHon went over to Chapters on Robson to wait for me. There is a cocktail reception after the meeting at the Hyatt starting at 4.30 but I decided to skip this one. I am not for one to turn down a free drink but HonHon is in town and this event is an employee only reception besides I am sure I could live without a glass of red wine for one night! The meeting went pretty well a lot of updates and changes going through our division but all is good. Hopefully, this coming year, our group can make the target numbers. After the meeting, I headed over to Chapters to find HonHon and pick Kay up a collection of books. Gosh, books can be quite pricey even with my member discount! I could not help but buy another umbrella because with a purchase of $25 dollars, you can pick up a pretty nice umbrella for $5.00! A savings of $14.99!! We headed home and to my surprise, the traffic on Cambie Street was not too congested. It was a nice day out and kind of nice having a "date" with HonHon.


continuitygirl said...

I bought two pairs of shoes this weekend, but they were both flat balck ballet shoes and no where near as exciting as yours!

A & J said...

Seems like you collect shoes like I collect scrapbooking stuff :) Hey, it's all good!

psychorich said...

"I have a huge shoe problem".

Really?? Gee, I hadn't noticed. :)