Monday, February 19, 2007


HonHon is back in town!! And without disappointment, he brought back presents!! Not as many as I hoped for, leaving behind a couple of items in Taipei but he did bring back what I had asked for which included: a Hello Kitty CD/DVD case and the pink cd/dvd cotton envelopes. Included in the presents were souvenirs from his business trips, cookies from Germany, a mini lamp and Burj Al Arab (the Best Hotel in the World) key chain from Dubai, more Hello Kitty items and a huge heart gummy for Kay.

A very yucky and icky day to come home to, pouring rain all morning and afternoon. After picking HonHon from the airport, we headed over to Michele Cake House to pick up my brother's birthday cake. There are some traffic changes on No. 3 Road in Richmond and I was confused and a little bit lost in looking for the cake shop. After picking up the cake, we headed home so he could take a shower, eat a little something before taking his nap. He is still sleeping! He's been out since 1.00pm and our dinner is at 8.00pm, I hope that will be enough for a nap! It's always so hard on his first day due to the jetlag and time change but I'm sure he'll be a little more rested after this nap than no nap. I hope he can sleep tonight!

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peachy said...

It's nice your man is back