Sunday, February 18, 2007

Homemade Dumplings

Today, Kay and I headed over to my mom's to help her with some grocery shopping. Every Chinese New Year, mom makes homemade "lo bak gao" - Chinese New Year Turnip Cake and it takes a lot of work to make this very yummy dish. I brought over my food processor to chop up the lo bak - turnip and I love that machine. It took me about 5 minutes to shred 2 1/2 pounds of lo bak which used to take me an hour by hand. This was my mom's second batch because the first batch was given to me and my aunt. Although I did not stay to finish the lo bak gao with my mom, Kay and I did help put together the chinese pork dumplings. This also took a lot of work and I can't imagine one person doing it on their own! We had to chop up the chinese mushrooms, watercress, dried scallop and hand mix it into the ground pork. After mixing it throughly, we dropped a tablespoon of the mix into a wonton wrapper and seal it with egg. The three of us did a batch of about 100 pieces in just under 45 minutes! We did get a chance to sample them and boy are they so super yummy! Much better than the frozen ones! As we were making them, like an assembly line, I was scooping a tablespoon onto a plate, my mom put the mix in and sealed it, and Kay filed them one by one onto a chopping board. We also got to take some home and Kay had them for dinner. Very yummy. Now I know how to make them and there are so many different ways to make them. Next time, we are going to use cilantro and chinese mushrooms!

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A & J said...

I helped make dumplings at a friend's birthday once, and it was fun but a lot of work! And we were so stuffed afterwards :) Glad you enjoyed yours too!
- Joss