Monday, February 19, 2007

Birthday and Chinese New Year Dinner

Tonight, we celebrated my brother's 28th birthday and Chinese New Year with my mom, grandma and auntie. HonHon, Kay and I headed over to the restaurant on Fraser street to make sure our table was reserved and ready for us. But once we got there, there seemed to be a slight problem with our reservation. Apparently, the manager wrote down the wrong time, 7.00pm for 8 instead of 8.00pm for 7 people. At first, he told me we would have to wait for a table and I was a little bit upset as I was starting to get hungry. Also, it's not my fault that they mixed up our reservation! Mom had called earlier in the week to confirm our reservation and preorder a chinese duck. Since there was a little bit of a mix up with our reservation, I decided I had better call my mom to let her know what was going on. I guess the manager could see how upset I was on the phone because the minute I was off, he told me our table would be ready shortly. IMO, the restaurant was nicer than last year's place but typical Chinese Seafood Restaurant. Once my mom and grandma arrived, they placed our dinner order as my brother, HonHon nor I could figure out what to order. The only dish I did not like was the lamb stew and I thought I would have liked the oyster dish but did not realize it was dried oysters not fresh so I didn't really like that one either. Overall, it was a really nice night and I'm happy to have HonHon with us tonight.

Photo Collage from our dinner.

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