Friday, February 02, 2007

My Beef with Translink-Canada Line Construction

OMG! The already very congested traffic on Cambie Street is now even more backed up and more congested because of the Canada Line Construction. The traffic pattern changes on the bridge has caused some serious traffic jams. How lovely, we are going to be in a traffic jam for the next 2 years....

  • Wednesday - I did not walk through my front door until just after 6.00pm. I stood at the bus stop for almost 40 minutes, 3 buses (which were not completely full) passed by without stopping at our Cambie/Georgia - CBC Building bus stop.
  • Thursday - an already stressful work day to be topped off with the new traffic pattern changes on the Cambie Street Bridge, 3 lanes merging into 1 (on the bridge) with the 2nd avenue exit being blocked off, I left the office around 4.45pm, I did not arrive home until a little after 6.00pm (regularly a 20 minute commute or 30 - 40 minute commute since the construction).
  • Friday - assuming the traffic would be even worse off today than yesterday, I was prepared to walk home from downtown, I had my running shoes with me. I took the skytrain to Stadium station and started walking from BC Stadium to Cambie / 20th, the walk took me about only 30 minutes and I would have been home 5 minutes earlier if it was not for the very messy and screwed up pedestrian side walk on Cambie / 12th avenue! Oh well, life sucks esp. during the "short term pain for long term gain" skytrain. On another note, I had no idea how many people walked from downtown and back into the city, it is so much better for you! Traffic on the bridge was not too backed up but I think I still made it home faster than taking the bus up to 22nd (which is now where my bus stop is located!). Final time (walking though my front door): 5.20pm.

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