Thursday, February 15, 2007


Today, I met up with Jas for lunch as we haven't seen each other in weeks. She noticed right away that I had lost some weight, she said my face thinned out. Sweet! All these salad lunches/dinners are working!! Plus all the walking I am doing is helping too, I bet! We met up for a quick bite in the food fair, she introduced me to the Salad Loop and I was able to make a yummy salad for less than $4.00!! Plus there are so many items and I didn't even imagine what I could add to my salad. I really love fresh spinach and this is now my current choice for a salad (I have been eating Spring Greens for a month and half!). As we were catching up, she told me she wanted to head over to Tiffany's to look at a charm bracelet. I agreed! I have been searching (online) for a Tiffany ring. To my surprise (or not!), I ended up walking out with a pretty blue bag :) I had decided to buy a Tiffany ring (a new item not even available online yet!) and she (the more reasonable one) decided to wait until payday to buy herself a charm bracelet. Now I own a little piece of Tiffany and it's so beautiful. I decided it is a Valentine Gift for me :) Beautiful, click to see.

PS: We also headed over to Louis Vuitton to see if the heart purse was available but it did not come in and there was a very long waiting list. I decided not to put my name on the list because I would be very disappointed if they came in and I didn't get one! That happened to me once and I have never put my name on the waiting list again. I did find something I would love to have and I did scare Jas a bit but in the end I walked out without a brown bag.

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peachy said...

I love your shopping tales. good luck on the bag front.