Thursday, February 22, 2007

More shopping

I got my birthday/christmas present today! Sharp 32" LCD TV at Best Buy! It's very pretty and although I was shopping for a Sony, it was decided that the Sharp one is a much better LCD quality than the Sony 32". Can't wait to set it up and watch my DVDs on there. I am also considering HDTV because the high def is so much nicer than regular cable....

After picking up the TV, we headed over to IKEA to find a TV stand for my new TV. I was planning on ordering a custom TV stand from Shilo Living (where I purchased my cubed book case) but decided I did not want to spend over $300 on a basic TV stand. I bought one at IKEA for $99 and it's not the prettiest TV stand but it works. Plus the main attraction is the TV not the stand.

We headed over to Tropika for dinner because I had a coupon and it was dinner out night. Slightly disappointed and very expensive. Not very authentic, more Chinese than Singaporean or Malay, although we have always been aware of it but it was a bit of a surprise to see the final total on the bill even with my coupon discount! Dinner didn't stay in my tummy though, much too greasy for me! The yummiest dish on our table: Tropika Homestyle Chicken.

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psychorich said...

I don't normally do this...but I encourage you to get the HDTV box!!

My ball games would look so cool!