Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy [Heart] Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
It's never fun when your love one is not here to celebrate this day with you but HonHon has a pretty darn good excuse and he better bring me something back real nice! IMO, this day is marked as a Hallmark holiday and can be a little bit overrated but I decided to go with the holiday and start a new tradition for Kay. I had spoken to a few people in the office and these ladies have been given or giving V'day gifts to their daughters and sons, usually it's jewellery for girls and t-shirt or a new toy for the boys. I thought it would be nice to start Kay off with a lovely necklace, something reasonable but pretty and not too over the top because she is only 12 years old. Lots of people were doing their last minute shopping and me, being one, was in a massive panic in trying to find the right gift for my special baby girl. Lucky for me, Winners had this beautiful sterling silver necklace with a pendant, the pendant consisted of two angels holding onto an aquamarine stone, very beautiful and perfect my little angel. After picking up the gift (and a cute Hello Kitty V'day card), I headed home to pick up Kay so we could head over to Boston Pizza for heart shaped pizza. Kay decided to invite her best friends, Tyler and Olivia to dinner. I didn't mind as long as their parents gave the permission. The kids are really good kids, slightly mischievous but very well mannered and behaved kids. We were at the Boston Pizza and there were lots of families there with screaming kids running around (or crawling on the floor!) UGH... with all the kids around me screaming, I felt like I really needed a Bellini but did not order one because I was in the company of three kids, two of them not being my own! Boston Pizza was super busy and it took 25 minutes for our pizza to reach our table and to my surprise, the pizzas did come out heart shaped! Very cool. Throughout the evening, the girls were really bugging poor Tyler. Girls can be pretty mean and they did some funny things to Tyler like dumping sugar and Parmesan cheese in his water, flicking him with their fingers tips and they were all into tickling each other. Very funny kids! I told him this was easy and it only gets worse when you get older. After dinner, I took the kids out for gelato and they were playing double dare at the parlour. Daring each other to do silly things like keep the freezer door open until the buzzer goes off! OMG, what a bunch of clowns. After a couple of hours with them, I was ready to send them home. All in all, it was a great Valentine's Day and Kay is a really good girl.

Caught some good moments on my camera even though it was hard to catch them as they were clowning around!

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psychorich said...

Pizza is yummy, any shape, any day. YUM!!

Trish said...

Pizza is only yummy when it's homemade! My tummy did not like the heart shape pizza, let's just say the bathroom and I were very good friends.....