Friday, February 16, 2007

Last Day and New Cut

Today is my last day before my vacation and boy was it ever a tough and rushed day! I have a whole week off because HonHon is coming to Vancouver!! Yeah!!

Our division is currently being reorganized, a discipline is moving onto another floor (we are running out of space on our side). Two of the engineers whom are moving, they are on business trips and the other one retired so Val and I had to pack up their offices. You would think it wouldn't be too hard to pack up an office or two or three but if you have ever worked with engineers, you know they are pack rats! They must keep everything because one day they may have a use for it or may need it to reference a future project. I must have burned a zillion calories today just by packing up these offices. I spent the rest of the afternoon (right after lunch) helping Val pack and some of the things we found in the desks are not bloggable. Nothing too gross (well maybe a little bit gross) but let's just say after this, I would never allow anyone to pack up my office if I had to move, I'd be darn sure I'm in the office or have packed up before I left for vacation.

After finally finishing off the offices, I had to get my stuff together for Val as she would be helping out with my duties while I am away for the week. Not much to do but I didn't have much time to finish off and left the office a little bit later than I had planned to. I had a 4.30pm hair appointment with a new hair stylist and she is located right off the Cambie Street bridge. The last couple of weeks I have been taking the Main street bus up to 20th and walking from Main to Cambie which is faster than trying to walk to my bus stop, get through downtown traffic, trying to cross a single lane bridge and Broadway, it seems to take almost an hour trying to get home on my regular bus route. I decided it would def. be faster taking the Burrad skytrain to Main Street, catching the bus up Main and walking down 20th. I was right, I now get home by 5.00pm where as if I was to take my regular route, I could be coming home any time after 5.30pm. I should have left the office at 4.00 but didn't get out of there until 4.06pm and although it doesn't seem that much later, it is as I was not planning to catch the bus over the bridge, I had decided to catch the skytrain to Stadium and walk over the Cambie street bridge. I walked over the bridge in record time (15 minutes instead of 25) and just made it to my 4.30 appointment!

Emily (hair stylist) did an awesome job! It was super fast, fastest I've ever had a hair cut and she cut off exactly how much I asked for. No frills or up selling, just a hair cut and very friendly conversation. I am super happy with my cut and def. found my new hair stylist. No pressure to come back in 4 weeks for a trim and she didn't try to convince me to colour my hair. I wish I had a photo but I don't. I will be heading out for Chinese New Year/Warren's Birthday dinner on Monday so I will post photos from that evening!

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