Saturday, February 10, 2007

Date with Leo and Robyn

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This afternoon, I went for a walk with Leo and Robyn! I haven't seen them in months and although I have left numerous voice messages and emails, she has been quite a busy lady. Taking part time brokerage classes, being an at home mom to an infant and a teenager, quitting her job at the insurance firm and trying to get in some quality time for herself. But as luck would have it, I bumped into her and Leo at Thai Away last night. Last night, I had dropped Kay off at Douglas Community Centre (she had a pre-tween Valentine's dance), before heading over to pick up some yummy thai takeaway (my one night dine out for this week) as I planned to have a quiet night (or couple of hours!) on the couch in front of my Friday Night TV. But I had decided to stay in and catch up with Robyn as she was just finishing up but stayed with me to keep me company while I ate my dinner. After dinner, we made our way back but before going home, she needed to pick up some coolers at the liquor store and some soup for her teenage daughter, sick at home with the flu. As we parted out ways, we made plans to meet for today to go for a walk and to catch up more on each other.

Lucky for us, it was a beautiful day and I got some beautiful shots of Leo. We decided to walk around Douglas Park a couple of times, before settling on a dry bench in the sun. Gosh, I can't believe how much Leo has grown! He's like a little boy now, not the little quiet baby I remember him to be! Such a gorgeous boy and what a cutie pie! He is super cute when he smiles and looks up to you with his beautiful eyes. Awww, I almost almost want to have another one.. He is also very snuggly and sits comfortably in your arms, like a teddy bear. Love it. It was great spending time with them and I hope to see them more often but if they decide to move to Richmond, we will def. have to set "play/lunch dates". I wish them luck in finding a house large enought and within reasonable rent price to fit the lives of 2 adults, 2 kids, 1 dog and 2 cats!

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