Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Pay As You Go - Fido

My phone is finally working! My new wireless account was not receiving any calls since I activated the account on Friday. But I spoke to a representative and they were finally able to fix the problem. He had to call the Tech department to see what the heck was going on with my connection. But it is suppose to be up and running now. Hmm... I should probably test it. I was probably on the phone with this guy for 30 minutes, RIDICULOUS. The rep on the phone kept telling me to go into the "options" tab in my phone but there is NO OPTIONS tab in my phone. The poor guy, he kept asking if we were talking about the same phone and we were. I did eventually find the area he was looking for but it was in the "Menu" or "Options" area, it was in a very different place. But even when we got there, it still did not make any difference, he could not get through to my phone. So he ended up contacting Tech Support and they figured it out. Thank goodness...

I am still thinking about what I am going to do with the other wireless number. I think will give Kay the SIM card for her cellular. She got a cellphone from my mom (it's an old phone with limited features / options). I think it might be handy for her to have one, now I'm thinking if I should keep the old number and give her this one or if I should keep this one and give her the old number. I'm not so sure. But I really don't want to cancel my contract and pay $200 up front. Ugh, contracts!

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