Monday, October 03, 2005

Sprint, Fido and NOW ROGERS!

I am trying to access my wireless account through Rogers (was Sprint Fido then Rogers bought Fido but Sprint Fido is not part of Rogers, it's RogersTelecom...) and when I finally got to someone who could pull up my account (this is 5 transfers LATER), they told me in order to cancel the "wireless" part of my bundle, I would have to pay a $200 fee as I have not finished my "contract". TWO YEARS? I am sure I was only suppose to sign on for ONE YEAR!! OMG, I'm so PISSED. I worked out the details and I think I save about $100 if I cancel now but I'm thinking, it's $200 up front and I don't want to pay it!! Argh! I have to go and look for my "contract" in my files but I'm sure I did not get a copy as this was done over the phone!! Should I cancel and pay up front? Or should I just keep the phone and wait until the contract is finished?

On another note, my Fido Pay As You Go number is not receiving calls. I can make calls out but no one can call in. Apparently, you get a "busy" signal but I have voice mail so if I was on the line (which I'm not), it should go right into my voice mail. I do not want to be stuck on HOLD again so after work, Kay and I are going to the fido stand at Oakridge to get this fixed. This is RIDICULOUS.

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