Friday, October 21, 2005

Kay's Allergic Reaction

Last night, after dinner, Kay and I headed over to the medical clinic to get her hives looked at. Boy, was the doctor shocked to see Kay's face, all swollen, bumpy, red, rashy, and pussing (a little). She prescribed some antibiotic hydrocrotisine cream for her face, gave us some Dove Gentle wash to wash off her face. Instructions: 3 times daily. Hopefully, it will get better within a few days as it's starting to look pretty nasty. Doctor says stay out of the sun (like we are going to see any.... forecast, rain all weekend) and hopefully, no scaring. My poor baby. I felt so bad for her but hopefully, she will remember now - Never use cream or lotion from anyone but yourself or from your mom!! Esp. creams from Asian countries!!

There was a Canuck's home game going on last night and traffic was incredibly congested on Cambie Street. I normally do not leave the apartment after I get home from work unless I was going across the street to pick up something for dinner but there was an urgent need to fill the prescription. London Drugs is not that far away but I was trying to figure out which back routes I could use to get there without using Cambie. It would have been easier to bike and great exercise but Kay was worried that I would get hit by a car as it was getting quite dark outside. Thankfully, there wasn't a long line up for drugs, only about 10 minutes. I strolled around the store and found this pretty nailpolish with sparkles for Kay. I figured this would cheer her up and it would be something fun for her to do today as she is stuck at home. She was suppose to attend a field trip with her afterschool care but due to the CUPE strike, community centres are closed in support of the BCTF. Which means her field trip to the pumpkin patch is cancelled. But that's alright because she wouldn't have been able to go due to her allergic reaction, too much dust and dirt flying around. I think that is probably not good for her skin at the moment. I will try to plan something for her next week so she and maybe a friend can go on their own little field trip to the pumpkin patch.

Poor baby.... how swollen her face is.....

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