Monday, October 03, 2005

October Already!

Wow, I cannot believe it's already October! The weather is changing, it's getting colder, the sunsets are earlier and in the morning, day doesn't break until I am ready to leave the house for work! Ugh. I hate waking up in the dark.

Went to visit my mother/grandmother. I do this almost every weekend. Kay had to come with me this time because she is grounded so she could not make plans with her friends and skip this visit. Now I know where she stands when it's her turn to come and see me. I will NEVER see her. The day is spent by having lunch together, chatting away about what's going on, helping out with chores (like grocery shopping or running errands), and helping to prep dinner and eating dinner. Nothing extradionary and normal things we do whenever I see them. Except this time around, my grandma insisted on taking me around the house to show me her antiques and valuables. She wanted to make sure that when she passed, both my mother and I were aware of what "junk" and what was not. She has many pieces of art on the wall and a lot of porcelain vases and little antiques all over the house. I was trying to remember everything she pointed out but in the end, I told my grandma I should probably bring a camera and a notebook to log all her valuables. Of course, some things are obvious to me, the difference between a print and an original. But she has a lot of stuff. I do have my eyes on a few pieces of artwork that she has hanging on the wall and I know my mother is not really interested in these particular pieces of art. She's a little more modern where I like the traditional Asian arts. We never discuss death in the family as it brings bad omen / vibes. You also don't want to deal with the fact that your parents are going to one day die and you need to go through their estate. I hate discussing these things, even though it is necessary. Because in your mind, your parents will always be there.

Sony 36" TV
I am so angry with my dad and my dad's friend, Thomas. He is such an @sshole. He sold my father his USED TV (yes yes yes, it's a great TV and will last many years - quoted by my father and hubby and best friend) for $2000. The current market value for this TV is $500-$800. I told my father NOT TO PURCHASE this TV until I looked into it. But Thomas knew I would not allow this exchange to happen if he did not push my father, so my father ended up paying for this USED TV and instead of CASH, he used his credit card towards a NEW PLASMA TV that Thomas had his eye on. Now my father is in Hong Kong and although, this deal was made between my father and Thomas, I am going to hunt this @sshole down and get him to take the TV back and to give me the cash back. Of course, he is probably in hiding now. He is going to try to avoid me at all costs and wait until my father gets back because my father as gullible as he is (some say he's too nice), will not ask for his money back or make it into a big deal. But if my father wants to throw $2000 away, than throw it toward your kids or your grandkids, not to some @sshole who calls himself your friend! Am I right? Arrrrgh... I'm so FUMING..... ok enough venting ....

New Baby Girl!
On a happier note, my friend Bren, just had her baby girl! 11 days ago! Bren is doing really well. She's healing faster than a normal woman would and she's walking around with no problems. I remember being out for three weeks after Kay was born! I can't wait to see the baby girl in the daylight (we dropped by at 9.30pm on a Friday night). She is doing the Chinese Tradition of not going out, not taking a shower and eating ginger for a whole month until Moon Yuet (Baby's One Month Day). Ugh, I didn't last more than 3 or 4 days before I had to take a shower and I had to get out of the house within the week I was home! Good luck to Bren!

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