Wednesday, October 19, 2005


BCTF still on strike

Yes the teachers are still on strike, this is the second week and it's not looking like the government and teachers are close to resolving this matter. This situtation is very concerning. My daughter has now missed two full weeks of school. She's getting bored and passing her around to friends and family is getting difficult. This needs to be resolved and it's not fair for the children. Ugh, how frustrating! Now, CUPE members are taking one day strikes in different cities across the Province to protest with the teachers. Riduclous. It is scary how much power the union holds in this province. They can shut down a city for a day. Scary....


Been busy at work but this week my project director is onsite. Tuesday and today, I was home sick, I had this terrible migraine and a slight fever, was pretty much in bed for a day and half. But I'm fine now and will be back to work tomorrow.


Kay's got a huge bumpy rash on her face. We have no idea how it started but we have an idea on why it has spread across her forehead and on her nose. She has a slight itch on her forehead and her friend offered Kay some cream, and when she put it on, her face became tight, swollen, bumpy and very itchy. Ugh, why did she do that? She knows better than that. This has happened before. Let's hope, this is a lesson learned.


Caught another movie at the VIFF, last week. Called "Stolen Life", the show we caught was an extra show because of popular demand. It was very good and very well written. A little scary that something like this could happen. It won a Tribeca Award, see website for details:

That's about it, I think.....

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