Thursday, October 20, 2005

New Boots

These are my shiny new black boots and they are so beautiful. I fell in love with them when I finally tried them on over the weekend while shopping at Metropolis. Over the past couple of weeks, I have walked past these boots while walking Robson Street (downtown - that is a huge disadvantage about working downtown - the shopping!!). I have been debating whether I should consider buying them as I figured these boots would probably be very uncomfortable. But what did I do? I tried them on anyways and they are not the bit least tight or not walkable. A new feature Aldo has added to their beautiful boots are padded lining which makes them super comfy! The heels are not too narrow and are 3 inches in height. I love 3 inch heels, they make me 5'10". And noooo they are not too pointy!! As per Rich, who thinks they are going to squish my toes. My toes are quite happy in them :o) *sigh* I love being a girl ....

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