Thursday, March 12, 2009

Welcome Home Daddy!!

Tonite, Kay and I headed over to Richmond to meet daddy and all. Daddy arrived back to Vancouver early this morning and Eton (the boy) wanted to take everyone out for dinner cos he got a job and he's making big bucks. No not really, he's making less than $10 an hour but it's his first real job and he was being very generous. I think it was so sweet and I couldn't believe how much the bill ended up costing! The food wasn't so great and neither was the service but you can't expect the best service in a chinese restaurant esp in Richmond! The restaurant was quite busy and we were stuck in a small room with way too many tables in the room with one wait staff. Omg, it was not good. Plus all the dishes tasted the same! How is that possible??But it was a good to see daddy and family, my dad looks good and he says it's his last trip but I don't believe that! We decided to head home after dinner cos it is a work/school nite and we would visit some time over the weekend. Daddy looks good and I think he's pretty well rested but I give him a few weeks before my brother or the boy/lady stress him out again! Oh well, c'est la vie!

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