Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break Visit!

It was so nice to finally see Michael, Darlene and their beautiful girls, Hailee and Linnea! They are in Vancouver for spring break (relocated to Tumbler Ridge, BC) and I haven't seen them in over 5 years! Esp the girls, Hailee - whom I've only meet a couple of times when she was just a baby plus Linnea who I haven't met cos she is 2 and born in Tumbler Ridge! Those girls are adorable, I can't believe how fast they have grown and how much time has passed. It was lovely time and good to catch up. Michael and Darlene are getting married sometime this year - that is wonderful since it's been a long time coming. Both confirmed they are going to raise their family in the quaint town of Tumbler Ridge with no plans on moving back to Vancouver and maybe, in a few years, another baby?? Michael has mellowed out quite a bit, he's matured a little (esp when it comes to family and life - buying their very first house!), he is a great father and a loving husband. I am a bit surprised to see the changes esp with his attitude but very happy for him. Although some things don't change like he still acts like a kid (esp around his kids), he still has a bunch of Audis in his back/front yards and he is still driving a Audi (shocking that it made it to Vancouver without falling apart!). He did upgrade to a driveable (not rundown fixer upper) Audi, a newer model in silver with leather seats and all the gadgets of course! I'm happy to get the chance to see them before they drive back up. It's too bad HonHon isn't in town and Kay was not around for this visit cos Mike and Dar would not have recognized Kay, she's grown a few inches and a few years since and they haven't seen HonHon in ages! Maybe we will do a road trip up to see them sometime..... no probably not - 10 hours on the road is much too long for me!

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GTstyle said...

Hey! All the Audi's are on the driveway or backyard, don't make it sound like Surrey or something :-P

And of course the S4 made it down no problems, all those skinned knuckles are cause I keep the fleet running well. Wouldn't risk those long trips if I didn't have faith in the rides.

Flying up is the way faster option then driving.

Good to see you again. We'll most likely be down again in the summer.