Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sun Filled Shopping Afternoon on Main Street

This afternoon, after a tummy filled brunch, I decided I needed to walk off some of the eggs, potatoes and lobster! I had planned to walk over Commercial drive to do some grocery shopping or window shopping but before heading out, I checked my Yahoo account and received an email from Voltage Land stating some of the Tokidoki for Hello Kitty items were 50% off! I decided I would do some walking along Main Street instead so before I left, I called VL to confirm the sale price and if there was stock in the store for this particular item. VL put one on hold for me and I told them I would be coming down shortly to pick it up. I asked Kay if she wanted to come but she had plans to hit the beach with a couple of friends. It was def a nice day to walk along Main Street as the sun was out and it wasn't too cold. My first stop was Voltage Land to pick up my cute Kitten Kitty Keitei for $50 (reg $100) and I put enough coins in the parking meter to allow myself to walk for an hour along Main. It was a nice walk and there are some new stores / restaurants along Main Street. I made a quick stop at Shaktea for a green fruit tea to go and I stopped into quite a few boutiques but believe it or not, did not find much on the rack or on sale. I was a bit surprised that I found a dress at Narcissist Design Co. as I normally do not pick up anything in that boutique. I do love their dresses but I cannot spend that amount of money on a dress even though they are beautifully designed and made! I always try to wait for a sale but when the sale is here, I can never find anything in my size. Lucky for me, these dresses just got marked down again and the price was within my budget! Reg $235, sale $118 and down to $49. The dress is made up of 52% silk and 48% cotton, it is going to be the perfect summer dress! Also another local designer and a fave of mine, JY opened up a boutique called Two of Hearts a couple months ago and I hadn't had the chance to check out it out, to my surprise there wasn't anything in her line that caught my eye. Maybe her entire spring/summer line is not out yet? I will check back in a few weeks and maybe there will be something .... I just love her designs, they are so pretty and flirty! It was a great day and I'm happy to have gotten out as the weather is forecasted for rain on Monday.

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