Friday, March 13, 2009


Tonite, I had dinner plans with Vince and Meryl, altho it was suppose to be more of us (Shel & Kitty double booked themselves and Kay bailed out last minute) at a Kiyo Sushi in Richmond. This place is pretty good and has been around for a long time, I have been eating here since 2001. For the past few weeks, I have been craving for Japanese food and even tho the 3 of them bailed, we decided to keep the dinner plans actually I would have gone without Vince and Meryl if they had decided to bail too! Once inside, we decided to share a sashimi platter but each to order a couple of sides for our own, I decided to order a real crab California roll and a spicy scallop roll. Mmmm.... so delish! Yesterday, I had a japadog - terimayo and went over to a japanese store called Konbiniya on Robson street to pick up some japanese snacks! Yes the last two days have been filled with alot of japanese products! :) After dinner, we headed over to a new coffee shop called Bean Around The World Coffee on Cambie Road, a block from Aberdeen to have coffee and dessert. We ordered our coffee and dessert, a the guy that made our drinks and brought over the desserts was very creative, my cake had a very interesting design like Hello Kitty! Once we got our coffee/dessert, we started chatting and catching up and I managed to convince them to join me on Saturday morning for the Winter's Market at Wise Hall. I am quite excited about this upcoming market as the newsletter mentioned there will be a variety of vegetables and more locally produced goodies. Altho the weather isn't going to be so nice, rain and more rain but hopefully, it won't be too cold!

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