Sunday, March 15, 2009

Crazy Weather'd Weekend

What crazy weather we've had over this weekend!

Can't believe it but I woke up at 8am on a Saturday morning :( Kay as usual was still sleeping like a pig and even though I was not quiet around the house, she didn't awake. Around 11am, V & M finally rang to say they were on their way to the market, I left the house without Kay and arrived in 10 minutes. I underestimate the coldness of the weather and was not dressed warmly enough. I only really had one thing that I really needed to pick up from the market and that was The Granola King's Hazelnut Granola, it is super FANtastic & FABulously delicious! I eat this with my yogurt with fruit every morning, nothing beats this granola! Before heading home, I picked up a cinnamon bun from Blackberry Hill cos it's a tradition to leave with one of these gigantic buns! Usually, Kay will have one and sometimes I'll get one for myself or I'll take a bite out of hers but she didn't come out to help so this is ALL MINE. Good timing on leaving cos once I left, it started raining and coming down hard. I was def not prepared for this rain nor dressed for it. Kay finally woke up when I arrived home and during the afternoon as Kay was getting ready for her dinner plans, I just sat back and relaxed on the couch. I don't usually chauffeur her around but she needed a ride tonite cos she was in charge of picking up the b'day cake and dinner plans were out in Richmond. I hate driving to Richmond on a weekend cos the traffic is terrible and people in Richmond do not know how to drive!! But I love her to pieces and if driving her to Richmond means spending a little bit more time with her on the weekend well I'll do it. It's strange to me tho, how she now has such a busy social life and she's going to dinners with friends just like me. She is growing up too fast :( After I helped pick out her outfit and after many hours in the bathroom getting ready, we were finally ready to go. DQ to pick up her ice cream cake, over to Superstore (Richmond) to pick up a few items since we were already out and we had some time before her meeting time, then over to Grandpa's house to pick up a camera cos she didn't want to carry her SLR around. We were stuck in traffic for 30 minutes before finally reaching her destination, Tropika at Aberdeen Centre. Once I dropped her off, I went straight home to enjoy the quiet time and the entire suite to myself! It was lovely, kicked back and watched movies and waited until it was time to pick her up. It was a nice nite to myself and I do enjoy these moments.

Most of the day was spent either on the couch or cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. We had the strangest weather today, thankfully I woke up at noon to catch up on yesterday's sleep and when I looked out the window, it was SNOWING. I figured this would be a good day to stay in and clean house plus catch up on some TV time. We had plans to visit my father for dinner but there was no way I would be driving out in the snow, my tires won't make it. After a couple of hours, the snow stopped and the sun came out! WTF?? By 5pm, it started to turn grey and clouds were forming which would eventually lead to rain and not just rain, a downpour of rain mixed with hail / snow by dinner time! Kay and I decided to pick up a few items from Superstore before visiting my dad. Gosh, was it ever super busy and we were not pleased to be there again! We walked thru the front door to dad's apartment and this lovely smell of home cooking hit our noses, daddy was making stew pork, mmmm... one of his finest dishes! It was so nice to have a home cooked meal from dad since we haven't had one of those in ages! Plus on the way there, we were trying to figure out where to go for dinner which lead to us wanting Pho but homecooked dinner is much tastier and healthier! It was good to spend some time with dad since we haven't seen him since October! It was nice and relaxing weekend!

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psychorich said...

That's one thing I don't miss about Vancouver -- the crazy weather.