Sunday, February 03, 2008

Dinner and a party

Tonight, I saw a dear friend whom I haven't seen in a couple of years cos she works in Hong Kong but she is in town for 10 days to visit with her family and soon to be husband. These two have been engaged for a while but it seems they have finally decided on a day (sometime in May) and a destination (Bali, Indonesia, on a beach). She of course, invited Jas and I to fly out there to join them for this wonderful and happy occasion. It would be so nice to fly out there to celebrate her wedding day with her on a hot and sunny beach but I can't afford to fly out there this year. I am trying to pay off a debt and save up for a trip to Haiwaii next year! We had Italian dinner cos that's what Frannie wanted to eat since she cannot have good Italian in HK so we headed over to Commercial Drive for pasta/pizza and appy's. After dinner, we decided to drive over to Kerrisdale to have dessert at this little hidden dessert place that serves such yummy desserts! Fran was trying to avoid a party thrown by her fiance's friends cos she doesn't really like them nor does she want to hang out with them. But we decided drive over there slowly so we could let our dinner settle in before having a rich dessert. We settled in and ordered dessert/tea and caught up some more. I always order the same thing even though there are so many choices. Chocolate Decadent Cake. After a little while, the place was getting a bit crowded and we decided we should probably head out but Kay had just called to say she was heading over to her friend's place from our place. I didn't want her and her friend bussing home this late so I asked Fran if it was ok if we picked them up and drove them over before heading over to the party. She didn't mind, we headed home and she got to see how grown up Kay has become and also visited with my mom. Once we dropped Kay and friend off, we drove through downtown Vancouver so Fran could see how much it had changed. Plus she hadn't seen the new Holt Renfrew store and boy was she in awe. She now has to come downtown at least once to see it before heading back to HK. As we were heading out of downtown, her fiance called to see where we were at and we were actually heading over there. It was somewhat of a boring party only cos I didn't really know anyone and after a little while, Jas and I decided to head home as it was getting late. We are not used to staying until 1.00am! It was a good night and I'm glad I got the chance to see Fran before she heads back cos I didn't get a chance to see her last time! Good Luck Fran!

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