Saturday, February 16, 2008

What A Week!

HonHon arrived on Friday, Feb. 8 and he brought back a ton of Hello Kitty goodies for me! All the HK items are so very cute and of course, I was spoiled yet again! Of all the items I received, my fave items are the bathrobe, the bathroom mats and the door curtain. His suitcase was super heavy but it wasn't all me! He also brought back some stuff that my mom had left behind in Hong Kong (jars of XO sauce) and my sister sent some cute outfits for Ari! He got a cute denim jacket and a cheongsam. We tried them on him and they are so cute! Need to get some photos of him in them :)

There was so much that we had done, I'm just gonna write all the highlights of the week:
  • Gifts, gifts and more gifts! Apple Classic iPod for me and 5 or 6 Wii games for Kay
  • Louis Vuitton - All in the Monogram Vernis line (my very fave!) in 3 different colours: Koala wallet in pomme d'amour (candy apple red), key and change holder with name plate in amarante (deep dark purple/black), and the agenda of course which I purchased earlier and oh yes, LV 2008 refills for my small agenda.
  • V-day dinner at West on Granville which was lovely. I love dining at West, it's my fave restaurant in Vancouver, worth every dollar! We only go once or twice a year and it's a time where I get to dress up and feel like royalty. I ordered the smoked sablefish and HonHon ordered the tenderloin, both dishes were incredible!
  • IKEA for mattress shopping, we finally found an inexpensive queen size bed for HonHon's condo in Burnaby and what a day we had putting the pine bed frame together, apparently, the screws and brackets were misplaced!
  • Trying out new restaurants and re-visiting old favorite ones! We must have eaten out every day at least once!
  • Home-cooking twice, once HonHon made us dinner and I made homemade pizza for him.
It was nice to spend some quality time with him and Kay. I took the week off and Kay was allowed to take Friday off (every Friday is half a day) as HonHon's flight was tonight. Can't believe he's left already, it's very quiet and empty. But in a couple of days, we'll be over it. Usually, he leaves on a Sunday but China Air switched the times around and HonHon does not like these times. But overall, it was a great visit and it was so nice to see him, hug him, kiss him and spend some long overdue quality time together as a family (even though he did a lot of sleeping as you can see in the photos! I guess cos he's on vacation or jetlagged?!?!). The only thing I really regret is that we made a verbal deal about Louis Vuitton. No more Louis Vuittons until my birthday in August .... of 2010!! Yikes!! But I still love him even though we made the almost impossible deal. Well there are other luxury items that I love! :) It was such a great visit and we sure do miss him tons.... gosh did I mention that it feels quiet and something is missing.....

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