Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy B'day!

Tonight, we celebrated my brother's birthday (early birthday cos it lands on Tuesday), it was just the four of us as grandma had mahjong plans the entire week. For his birthday dinner, he wanted Peking duck, that's one of his fave. dishes, so mom booked us a table at a Chinese restaurant on Granville/41st whom are famous for their Peking ducks. It was pretty yummy although the restaurant itself did not look too impressive. But the duck is def. delish! They also slice the duck skin for you right in front of you and that was pretty cool. We order a vegetable and a sweet and sour pork for my brother, the pork dish is also one of his favorites. After dinner, we headed back to my mom's place for the birthday cake another one of his fave, fresh mango cake from Michele's, gosh he's being spoiled. As a birthday gift, my mom gave my brother her 1989 Toyota Supra which is in immaculate condition. He has been asking for this car as long as I can remember and every year, it looks although she is going to give it up but she doesn't. As every year, he gets very disappointed but my mom finally gave in and decided to give it to him for his birthday this year. What a surprise! As a gift to my brother, I paid for the oil change and gave him $50 cash towards whatever he wanted. Even though he finally got his car, he couldn't take it home tonight cos he has to switch the car insurance over before he can drive it. Currently, the car is insured under my mother's name and she has a perfect driving record and awesome insurance therefore she does not want my brother to even take it for a few days with her insurance. I don't blame her, my brother has a terrible driving / accident record. After birthday cake, it was time to call it an early night as Kay and I had a long week with HonHon and I was still trying to get over my terrible cold/flu. Enjoy the photos! (more on my flickr account)

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