Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy First Birthday Isabella!

Today, we celebrated Isabella's very first birthday and wow, I can't believe how fast she's grown! She is now officially one years old! How time flies.... the lucky birthday girl received so many gifts, gosh did she ever get spoiled. The whole living room was filled with so many great gifts and I felt that my little Roots t-shirt and lucky red envelope didn't seem like a lot. The food was excellent, lots of yummy food and homemade samosas which were super yummy. Lots of people and friends, many whom I didn't know and I wish I came with Rhoda and Nel but I didn't cos those two were coming from Ladner. I was on my own for about an hour (Kay didn't come, she had homework and plans with a friend) and I felt a bit awkward since I didn't know anyone there except for the birthday girl and mom. Grace is an awesome hostess and she tried to keep me in the gathering and I tried to mingle with the other guests. Before long, food was being served so I decided to grab a plate and sample all the yummy food. As I was finishing up, Trav, Lisa and little ones were just coming through the door. It was good to see them, Lisa looked great even though she was super tired and you can tell she was a bit worn out from taking care of two little ones. Since they just arrived, I held little Tristan so mom and dad could grab a bite. Gosh, is he ever tiny (just a bit over 8 pounds!) and I can't believe that Isabella was once that small! Rhoda and Nel arrived a bit after Trav and Lisa and about that time, my arms were getting super tired so Rhoda took over a bit. After a couple of hours, it was time for the birthday cake and presents. It was such a lovely time and so good to see everyone. Next small gathering, we are heading over to Trav and Lisa's place to have a dinner at home cos we know how hard it is for those two to come out since they've got a newborn with them. More photos on flickr.

After the party, I headed over to Metrotown to see if I could get my Hello Kitty alarm clock fixed cos this morning I accidentally knocked it over and the seconds ticker fell off. Lucky for me, Times Fashion (which has been there forever!) was able to fix it at a price of $6.00!! While I waited (30 or so minutes before it would be done), I headed over to T&T to pick up some milk and bread, right next door is Maxim's and I picked up some baked items for Kay. Then I walked over to the other side to Superstore as I was looking for a pastry cutter (to cut butter into a batter - I'm going to try a new scones recipe this coming w/e) but Superstore didn't have any which surprised me. I could have gone over to London Drugs to buy one but it's a bit expensive and more than what I was willing to pay. I don't want to spend more than $10 on one and lucky for me, I found one at Home Outfitters just under $10. I also looked around for a new swimming suit cos I am going to take up swimming soon but didn't find any that were cute or flattering. It's so hard to find a swimming suit to fit your body type. Also, I think most women don't like being in a swimming suit and I am one of those women. I find there are very few pieces that look decent on me. I think I will have to head over to West 4th this weekend and check out Blue Crush and/or outdoor shops (Comor etc.) for a swimming suit. A few years ago, I picked one up from West 4th but it was getting old and needed to be replaced so I finally threw it out. HonHon bought one for me a year ago (from La Vie en Rose Aqua) but it's way too big now since I've lost all this weight. The weather was super nice and warm, almost like a spring day! Sunshine and the temperature at a little above 10 degrees C which is quite warm I think. I hope this upcoming week will be nice and sunny! Oh yes, it's time to go shopping for new sunglasses!

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