Saturday, February 23, 2008

Homemade Cinnamon Buns

Tonight, Kay and I tried a new (quick and easy) cinnamon bun recipe from Desert Candy. Gosh, was it every yummy! It was our first time making them and even though we had a few mishaps, it turned out super delish and yes, it was quick and easy. I love the smell of baking in the house and the baking smells travels all the way upstairs. We were invited to join Mom and Auntie I. for dinner but Kay and I declined as we didn't want to eat greasy chinese food. Plus we had leftover (homemade) pasta sauce and (also homemade) mac'n'cheese. Around 8ish, Kay and I were craving something sweet so we decided to pull out the recipe book and see what we had. I found the cinnamon bun recipe sitting on top and remember, this was one I really wanted to try. We are so glad we did cos it def. hit the spot! When Mom and Auntie Ingrid came back from dinner, they couldn't help but come downstairs to see what we were baking. Enjoy the photos and thank you Mercedes for the recipe! We can't wait to add this to our weekend brunch menu :) Enjoy the photos and YES they look as delicious as they taste!


psychorich said...

I hate you.

peachy said...

They look so good.

Joss said...

Um... recipe, please!!