Thursday, February 28, 2008


A few weeks ago, I received a promotion at work. I have been with the company for 3 years and there was a position opened to assist two business development management personnel. A few people recommended me and at first, I was not too keen on taking on this position as I knew the raise would be minimal and there would be a lot more work involved. But HR sent me to temporarily assist, against my own will, as they were in need of an assistant asap. I was a bit bitter at first cos I couldn't believe I was doing the extra work and not getting any extra pay. But in the end, I decided to apply for the position and the HR manager knew that I would need to be in the position before making a final decision on the position. The feedback from the two managers were they were quite happy with my work and enjoyed having me down there to assist them. I was officially promoted, through a letter and with a small increase in my salary. I also recieved a title change and am now on a different tier level on the administration ladder. I am learning quite a bit from these two managers and it was def. different from what I was doing before. Plus the position I was in, was slowly dying down as the major project I was hired to work on, finished completion in November 2007. My previous manager who was upstairs and I was still trying to assist him while I was on a different floor, decided that he missed me too much and moved into an empty office located right next to my desk! What a compliment! Now I work for three managers and I'm super busy! But the BEST PART of this whole experience is, I've finally got my own DIRECT LINE! For two years, I was trying to get my own direct line and then, today, my Office Services Coordinator called me and asked me to choose a number. I was like what? What's wrong with my extension? She told me, I was getting my own direct line AND I even get a choice in the number! How exciting, now it's official, I've been promoted! :)

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Joss said...

Congrats on the new position (and the phone perks and manager compliments)!! Next time I am downtown I will def. let you know so we can have lunch or something :)