Friday, February 29, 2008

Sweet and Casual (Sporadic) Wedding!

Tonight, one of my BFFs, Vincent got married! He is officially a grown up! hahaha... many many congrats to him and his new bride, Meryl. We love you both!

It was a small but sweet and casual wedding. The ceremony was held in a really cool looking building in Vancouver, I guess the owners of the building rent it out for whatever you need. Visually the building is pretty cool and funky, looks kind of like a small art museum with office space. It's so like those two to throw something like this together and with all the adventures they've been on together as a couple, it doesn't surprise me that they decided on Monday to get married, Tuesday to let family and close friends know about it and Friday, to hold the ceremony and reception.

Since this was a small gathering, only a few members of each side of the family and a few friends were joined for this very incredibly special event. Vincent can clean up pretty well in a suit! Hahaha, he knows I love him ;) And Meryl, OMG, GORGEOUS!! She had decided on wearing a black dress on her wedding day but thankfully her BFF convinced her to check out Main street and she found a beautiful WHITE dress with black accents. It was lovely, the ceremony was held in the "boardroom" and after the vows and many many photos, it was off to the Indonesia restaurant on Commercial Drive for the reception.

The food was so yummy and there were tons of it! I can't believe this little gem of a restaurant is in my neighborhood and I had no idea! The people who owned the restaurant were really nice and food, just like home made cooking. This is going to be added to our fave restaurant list! After the great food, great conversation and more photos, it was time to open the gift Jas and I bought for the two of them. We know it was a casual wedding and presents were a no no but we couldn't go this without a small gift! Our idea was dessert for two since the two of them threw this together so quickly, we knew they wouldn't have a wedding cake or dessert so we bought them strawberry covered chocolates and a box of chocolates from Godiva, cupcakes by Cupcakes and a bottle of red wine. Hmmm... we know what they will be up to on their wedding night! ;) After dinner, the two of them invited us all over but it was a late night (well late for me, it was 10 pm!) and Kay and I decided to head home.

It was a lovely evening and I am so happy to be apart of it. I love them both dearly and we know these two are great for each other. Now it's time to have some babies!!! :) Enjoy the photos!

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