Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dinner and a Movie

Tonight, I went out with Jas for a movie and dinner. We watched, I am Legend with Will Smith and we didn't know much about the movie but after 15 minutes, we realize it was similar to 28 days later (out in 2000?) and I do not do well with anything scary or horror. But as usual, it was a blockbuster movie and I love Will Smith but at the climax, I didn't even watch the screen cos I knew I would be very squeamish so I was texting my other best bud while the climax was playing. We had decided to have dinner after the movie and headed over to Sala Thai for dinner, it was still Dine Out so we decided to try the Dine Out menu. The dinner wasn't too bad considering this Sala Thai was not as good as the one on Cambie Street. But it was a pretty good price with good portions. It was a really freezing night but nice to be out and about with my best bud!

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Joss said...

Good for you. I couldn't sit through the whole movie!! Only made it about an hour into it and then had to leave... and just read the summary online :) I was way too scared, even with Andrew doing his best to comfort me!