Monday, January 21, 2008

Shopping Steals

Gosh, I've got some great deals over the last week or so! Last Friday, I realized I needed a pair of beige pumps cos I was wearing a beige outfit and realized I don't own a pair of beige pumps so I wore my tri-brown coloured pumps which worked okay but not as great if I had beige pumps. At lunch, I headed out with Rhoda to look at some boots cos she needed some and when we arrived at the Aldo Outlet on Granville street, a shiny patent pair of beige pumps were staring right at me! They had my size and they were 50% off!!! These were SO meant to be!! After Aldo, we headed over to Jacob cos they were having a winter clearance sale, 60% off regular priced winter items and I picked up two long sleeve knit tops for under $15 each! One in beige and one in red so I can now wear my 3/4 crop jackets which I purchased in the fall. Today, I picked up a pair of Wilfred (Aritzia's luxe designer) capri pants for work for $39.99 regular price $130! Sheesh, that's such a great deal plus it was awesome to fit into a size 2! Yes a size 2!! I haven't been a size 2 since I was in my early 20s!! Damn, I've lost a lot of weight, hmmm... I wonder if I can fit into my burgundy pants, those are the only pants that I kept cos they were damn expensive! Must go to Richmond and look thru storage to see if I can find them.....

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