Saturday, January 05, 2008

Movie and a burger

I haven't been out for a while nor have I seen a movie in a theatre for quite some time so tonight, Jas and I went to see Juno at Silvercity Metropolis. Gosh, I love this movie! It's such a funny and sweet movie, you must go see it. Ellen Page is a great actor and as I watched her perform on the screen, I realized I had seen her somewhere else before and now I remember! She was the girl in Hard Candy, that movie was excellent and you should def. catch that one too!

After the movie, it was still a bit early and we both had a craving for burger and fries. At one point in the movie, Juno had a huge burger with fries and both of us were starting to feel a bit hungry after that scene. When catching a 7.00pm show, it's too early to eat out and yet after the movie, too late for a full dinner esp. a burger and fries platter! We decided to stop in at TGIF below Silvercity and share a burger platter, just enough to settle our stomachs and cravings but not too much to make us feel guilty and super full! It was super yummy and def. filled our cravings! It was so nice to be out of the house on a Saturday night :)

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