Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Joy - the MOST expensive perfume in the world

I just bought my grandma the perfume that she has been obessed with since the day she tried it on! Many many years ago, my aunt gave her a dab of JOY by Jean Patou and my grandma fell in love with the fragance but could not bring herself to buy one for herself. For Christmas, my brother and I picked up a Sennheiser wireless/cordless headphones for her as per my mother's instructions and even though I knew she wouldn't like them, I just figured I'd do what my momma says. Guess what? Grams didn't like them and after trying them out for one night, she discreetly told my mother that she wouldn't use them and I should return them and keep the money. My mom told me this and I realized I should not have listen to her and picked up the perfume in the first place. At first, I was thinking about buying grams the signature fragrance she uses which is Chanel No. 5 but decided my grams deserved to be spoiled. Joy it was and the salesperson at HBC had a heavy accent so at first I thought the 75 ml eau de parfum was priced at a reasonably $119 but once the perfume rang through the register, it came up to $192 plus tax! Sheesh! Def. realized the mistake but went ahead with the purchase. On the savings side, GST went down 1% so I saved myself an extra 1%.............. can't wait to see my grams (re)opening her gift! Priceless!!

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