Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Dinner with a measurement

Tonight, Rhoda and I had dinner plans with Charly cos we are going to help him get back into shape! Over the summer, we all did the Grind together and it really helped us get into shape! But then, Charly went on vacation to Europe for about a month and a bit and those 5 weeks caught up to him! He now needs to lose a bit of weight and get back into shape so his new goal is to fit into his 36" pants. Rhoda, being a fitness freak or fitness trainer as she calls herself, decided to give us each a targeted workout schedule to help us both reach our goals. My goals are to tone up and get my butt back. Charly's is just to get back into shape. Rhoda is also putting him on a strict diet cos he needs it, he doesn't seem to know a whole lot about proportion sizes and calorie counting. Gosh, that man can also eat! Tonight, we were all getting together to discuss the schedule and take measurements.

After discussion and dinner, we watched the hockey game and Rhoda helped Charly install some programs into his brand new laptop. It was a fun and entertaining night, we decided we would get together to workout on Mondays and Wednesday and he should go on his own one more night probably Friday cos Rhoda and I are planning to swim on Fridays. I don't really need to hit the gym more than twice a week cos I've already hit my targeted weight and all I really want to do is tone up. But I think Charly needs to start off with a lot of cardio cos he needs to drop his body fat down. We'll see how it goes!

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