Sunday, March 12, 2006



Hanging out with Mom

Although I had a migraine and was still a little sore from Thursday night, I went over to see my Mom and Grandma's place. Kay had to visit as well since she has not been there in a month. I insist that she should see her Grandma and Great Grandma at least once a month.

We had to go to the
YVR to see if the confiscated nail scissors were still at the airport. Last December, when they were trying to get on the plane with nail clippers, customs confiscated them and told her they would mail them back to her. But she never received them so we assumed they were still holding them. Yep, they were. Apparently, these are irreplaceable. Since, we were already in Richmond, we headed over to this shop which specializes in a whole lot of Asian goodies and Petcetera to look at the pets. Then we headed back to MomÂ’s for dinner and that was pretty much it.


Kay was stuck at home doing her chores while I headed out for a snack and a drink with Jasmine. We caught up on stuff and it was nice. I knew some things were going on in her life and knew when she was ready to talk to me, she would. Kay rang me on my cellphone to tell me that she could go over to Lucia's for a sleepover today. We have been trying to plan this sleepover for weeks, her parents are a little sketchy, not able to make the decisions on if she could go over there or not. Since Kay was very excited to head over there, she called me every 25 minutes. Jas and I decided to head back (we were only a block away from home) and pick Kay up so we could drop her off in Richmond. Yes, I was just in Richmond the day before. We headed out to Richmond and dropped Kay off. We decided to hit the shopping mall (
Richmond Centre) and I picked up a few cute tank tops from Old Navy and a pair of causal Friday pants from Jacob Connexxion. Tired of shopping, we decided to head back Vancouver and pick up Thai for dinner (the best Thai in Vancouver). We also stopped by Rogers Video to pick out a movie. We decided on Water and it was excellent. This movie was highly acclaimed and did very well in the Toronto International Film Festival and Vancouver International Film Festival. Last year at the VIFF, we tried to catch this film but the timing for the show did not suit any of us. It's a really good movie, if you get a chance GO RENT IT AND ENJOY. After the movie, we both called it an early night and I headed home to finish up my chores (some of) and finish up my Grandma's taxes. You know you are getting old when you call 8.30ish a late night ;)

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