Monday, March 13, 2006


Tonight, I ended up having dinner with my Mom and Grandma because I have a software program on my PC that can file your income taxes and I filed my Grandma’s. Dinner was going well until after we finished eating and my Mom decided to make a comment about my little tummy. HEY! We just FINISHED dinner of course I'm going to have a little tummy. My Mom always says these little things to me and usually, I let it go past my head. But for some reason, I could not let this comment slide off. I told her that yes, I may have gained a tiny bit of weight but it’s not real weight because I was bloated last week (PMS). Ok maybe some of the chocolate ice cream and BBQ potato chips stuck around but it wasn’t like I over eating and gaining 100 pounds per week!! Anyways, I told her I was going to start swimming this weekend. R has a pool in his condo and I’m thinking about swimming for 30 minutes every week, yes it’s not much but it’s a start. Baby steps…. She wanted to come along and swim with me until I stated I would be going EARLY. VERY EARLY. She can’t go to the gym or do any sort of activity without having someone go with her. I on the other hand, prefer to work out alone. I don’t need someone to keep me company because it’s not a social outing, it’s a WORKOUT… I called it an early night and headed home. Still feeling kinda crappy though…. No more dessert….

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Kami said...

UGH. That would piss me right off!! I am so glad no one makes comments like that to me!!