Saturday, March 18, 2006

Saturday Shopping

I AM SO TIRED. For the most part of the day, I went shopping with my Mom and my Little Brother. My Little Brother is still out of work and we try to help him out once in a month. Mom and I took him grocery shopping and he got enough to last a couple of weeks. Gosh, he is smart, he picks up all the good stuff when we are the ones paying for it.

On another note, I almost bought an Ipod, Mom and I went to Future Shop and Best Buy to look for a portable USB mini drive because Mom wants one. I was looking at the MP3 players (yes, I'm still looking even though I already bought a replacement) and Best Buy had the
30GB Ipod Video on sale for $379.99. That's an ok price but I wanted to check out the prices at Future Shop. We headed over to FS and they had a clearance Apple Ipod (open box) for $299.99, I thought Best Buy's Price was $279.99 so I told the FS guy that at Best Buy, they were advertising it for $279.99 and he said no way, really? I said yeah. He told me he would beat their price and sell it to me at a better price, $249.99. I told him that BB had new ones for that price and he said no way! And to get my sale, he told me I could have it for $229.99. Although, it's an open box item, the 1 year warranty is still valid and I know how good Apple is at replacing their defective items. Even though that was such a steal of a price. I could not bring myself to buy it even at that price. Such a deal and I was able to knock $70 off the price.... But it's MADE IN CHINA and I could not convince myself to buy it. Oh well.... I am hoping Sony will bring out something really really really good. I'm still a Sony girl by heart...

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Kami said...

I cannot believe you didn't get that iPod.

(shaking head)