Friday, March 10, 2006

Hotel Georgia

Tonight, we had a huge celebration! Ok no not really but it was an excuse to get together have some great wine and yummy appetizers hosted by the best hotel in downtown, Hotel Georgia.

Appy Bar with prawns, cheeses, crackers, and fruit.... not included at the bar were some yummy mini crab cakes, scallops in a white wine sauce and a couple more items that I cannot remember at the moment....

Cheers! Karli and Val enjoying a glass of wine and some yummy appys.

Malora, our wonderful hostess and sales manager, she really took good care of us! We are going to miss her! Can you believe she is SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT?!!?? Yes, she is... damn, she looks good and I hope to look like that at 7 months!

Malora and Karli chilling :)

Val and Jen smiling pretty for my camera......

It was a wonderful night and so great to spend some time with the girls outside of work in a relaxed environment. We should try to get together after work more often because we are all much too busy to catch up on each lives during working hours besides the company (as in companionship) is so awesome. I have never worked in an office with so many genuinely nice people. It's nice to know you can have girl talk with the girls at the office and not worry about being stabbed in the back. These are true friendships :)

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