Thursday, March 09, 2006

Kay's PMS

Yesterday, Kay called me at work, like she does every day afterschool, she sounded a bit upset. At first, I thought she might have been tired but speaking with her a few minutes longer, I realized began to cry! WTF? My momma instincts kicked in and I started asking about school, people at school, what happenafterschool. She told me nothing was wrong and nothing happened at school. I was a bit confused. I realized, OMG, she’s going through her mini PMS. Some months are better than others and I had forgotten the fact that we both go through the emotions at about the same time each month. Over the phone, I told her to finish up her homework and I would be home shortly. But before I headed home, I went to the store to pick up some chocolate ice cream and potato chips. These are the MUST HAVE items in my cupboard / freezer when I am going through my PMS. I went through two tubs of B&J’s Coffee Toffee Ice Cream already. When I walked through the door, she was in a better mood, smiling and laughing as if nothing had happened earlier. Wow, what a change. But I surprised her with ice-cream / chips anyways and she was even happier! I tried to talk to her about the changes she is going through but she did not want to hear about it or let me mention the “words”. I have decided to send her to this link and she can read about it herself. Maybe she will handle it better if she has a chance to look it over and hopefully, she will come to me later with questions. I will try again over the weekend ....

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Kami said...

I would not know what to do with a tween person about to have fun with all this girly stuff. YIKES. Good luck to you both!