Monday, March 20, 2006

Free Night!

I just got a call from H.M. at Opus Hotel telling me I get ONE FREE NIGHT at their boutique hotel! Sweeeeeet! I can book it anytime, send an email the week before and she will arrange everything. Just a little thank you for arranging a lunch and tour with the ladies in my office for the Opus. This hotel is beautiful, it feels like a condo not like a hotel and Opus blends into Yaletown scene very nicely. It's trendy and chic, this is the place where some super stars stay and you can star gaze out the windows because Yaletown is where the super stars like to hang. This could not come at a better time because I was thinking about booking R and I into one of these rooms the next time he is in town. Although it's a little pricey (yes even with our company rate), I thought it would be very nice for the both of us to get some alone time. I think it's well deserved and worth the money :) So excited!!


psychorich said...

Woo...that's is a very pretty place.

Kami said...

Well, just let me know when we're going, and I'll drive up.

peachy said...

What a nice gift the hotel looks great.