Monday, March 20, 2006

Spring Fever!


A feeling of languor or yearning brought on by the coming of

Welcome to the First Day of Spring! (10:26AM Vancouver, BC time)

We are having some amazing weather for the first day of spring! Today it’s sunny and slightly warm (not downtown though, too close to the ocean); a great day to go out for a walk at lunch. While wandering the streets in downtown, soaking in as much sun as I possibly could, I ended up a flower stand and picked up some beautiful tulips and iris to brighten up our living room. But my vase is a little small so I separated the bunches and added some flowers in my room. It will be a real treat to wake up to them in the morning. I hope to see them in bloom when I wake up.

Today, I also received my book order, a book of ideas for scrap booking. I’m so excited and I can’t wait to go through it. Although, I don’t scrap book, there are many ideas in there for pages and I love putting my photos on pretty paper and decorating the photo with glitz and glam to display on my walls. I usually use the glass photo frames to frame my photos and with what I will learn in the book, I hope to incorporate them into my wall photos. Very exciting, I cannot wait to start. First, I have to organize and clean up our art centre (dining room with a table and loads of arts & craft supplies). Kay has been terrible at keeping our table organized and neat. I guess I will try to work on cleaning that area this weekend.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and receiving as much beautiful weather as we are here in Vancity!

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Kami said...

Come on down, and I will teach you how to scrapbook!