Monday, September 28, 2009

Vancity Arrival

HonHon finally arrived in Vancity on Sat nite, right before my mom's dinner. Thankfully, the flight was 45 mins early so I didn't have to leave in the middle of dinner to pick him up. For this visit, I did not ask for any Hello Kitty items except for a couple of HK laptop sleeves for my laptop and the netbook. But these are on back order and he will courier them to me once they arrive. Yet, he did not come empty handed, he brought me a couple of HK Avon gifts (free with purchase) cos his secretary purchases items from Avon and she knows that I'm a Hello Kitty fan so she always ends up giving him the gifts. I really do appreciate it cos these items are only available with Avon and in Taiwan, not available in North America (happy to discover a new Hello Kitty store in Aberdeen, lots of great stuff from Japan!). The new HK apron is so cute and perfect for baking! The slicer is cute but not sure if I will use it but it doesn't matter cos I collect HK items :) Thanks Ariel!

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Joss said...

We were just down in California and I saw a HK store in Hollywood and thought of you :)